Caye McManaway

Coordinating Assistant
A bespectacled, young white woman with long brown hair all the way up to her elbows


  •  BBA Degree in Marketing – Belmont College Nashville, TN


  • Coordinating Assistant – Research Integrity, LLC

Training & Qualifications

  • Electronic Diaries: sponsor- and vendor-provided training (since 2021)
  • Electronic Diaries: sponsor- and vendor-provided training (since 2021)
  • IATA: computer training; current certificate holder
  • GCP CITI: current certificate holder
  • Consenting Patients (since 2021)
  • Inclusion/Exclusion review (since 2021)
  • Patient Recruitment (since 2021)
  • Patient Retention (since 2021)
  • Obtain Medical Records for PI review (since 2021)
  • Maintain study supplies (since 2021)
  • Watch over Rights and Welfare of the Patients (since 2021)
  • Assist in Audits (sponsor and/or FDA) (since 2021)
  • Attends Investigators Meetings (since 2021)
  • Assist the PI in delegated duties (since 2021)

Clinical Research

  • A 12 week, phase 2A, randomized, double-blind, sponsor-open, placebo-controlled, parallel group study to assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacodynamics of PF-06882961 titration in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus treated with metformin and in non-diabetic adults with obesity