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Owensboro Medical Practice Laboratory is CLIA certified laboratory where we provide a comprehensive range of lab tests and we provide rapid turnaround for all in house testing! We understand that our services are often the foundation of the physician’s diagnosis and treatment.

Following are some information and recommendations that you may find helpful when ordering tests for your patients.

When writing a lab order, please use appropriate CPT codes. Also please make sure to sign the lab order. You may give the patient a paper copy of the lab order or you may pre-fax the lab order to us at 270.685.8226 We will save the order in our medical records prior to patient’s arrival.

Please make sure to have patient’s name, address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number and phone number on the order form along with current copy of insurance card when faxing the order form to our office.

We offer a wide range of tests in house. We offer rapid turnaround for all in house testing.

Some tests are required to be sent to OHRH hospital laboratory or Lab Corp. These require additional turnaround time. Please advise your patients that they will be billed by hospital or LabCorp.

Our order form can be found here.


If you are ordering any tests that require specific instructions, please make sure your staff directs the patient correctly. If patient has any specific questions, they may call us at 270.691.1859

If you are ordering any timed tests (like Glucose Tolerance Testing or Insulin Testing), please make sure your patients understand following. These tests require multiple blood draws at specific time intervals. We request that they arrive by 7.30- 8.00 am. These tests are performed from Monday-Friday only. Please understand that they will be required to be fasting. Once the tests start, patient may not leave the premises. They should plan to be here for 2.5- 3 hours.

Medicare patients may be asked to sign a waiver called ABN (Advanced beneficiary notice of non-coverage) if the diagnosis provided by provider does not cover the tests being ordered.

The lab results are sent to ordering physician and hence ordering physician provides the results to the patient.

If you, your staff or patient have any specific questions feel free to call Owensboro Medical Practice Laboratory at 270.691.1859.