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Kishor Vora


Dr. Vora performs numerous cardiac procedures at local hospitals and is also active in Clinical Research Trials. Dr. Vora’s most recent participation in the clinical study “Improve-IT” just recently made national headlines with Vytorin being positive for prevention of heart attacks.

Dr. Vora’s medical practice was the first in the state of Kentucky to offer Electron Beam Tomography and, later, LightSpeed VCT, making ultra-fast, non-invasive, painless detection of heart disease, cancer and other abnormalities available in the region.

In addition, Dr. Vora was the first cardiologist in the area to:

  • Insert drug-eluting stents, which reduce the rate of recurring coronary artery blockage
  • Perform radial (wrist) artery approach for catheterization, 1996
  • Offer External Counter Pulsation for angina patients
  • Do rotational atherectomy of coronary stenosis and peripheral arteries
  • Start the coronary and peripheral arterial LASER procedure
  • Offer a non-surgical closure treatment for varicose veins

He has trained several cardiologists, vascular surgeons and radiologists in peripheral vascular intervention.

A native of India, Dr. Vora has practiced in Owensboro since 1992. Dr. Vora, along with his wife Beena, live in Owensboro with their two daughters, Neha, who is a science graduate and Siddhi, who attends Washington U in St. Louis. Their son, Paras, attends medical school at University of Kentucky at Lexington, KY.