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Research Integrity

Research Integrity is dedicated to the care and improvement of human life through the development of innovative medicines and devices that help patients prevail over disease. We are committed to the highest quality service to our patients, sponsors, and healthcare community and vow to treat everyone with compassion, kindness, respect, and dignity.

Research Integrity is a world renowned, multi-specialty medical research facility located in Owensboro, Kentucky. We work with esteemed pharmaceutical and medical device companies to explore groundbreaking treatments that will better healthcare for humanity.

The only way medicine advances is through the participants joining clinical trials. Without the process of clinical trials, we would have fewer and less effective medicines and devices in which to better our lives. A willing volunteer is just as important as the scientists who discover, the doctors who treat, or the humans that suffer. Without the volunteer, none of them have hope.

We encourage you to check out our website to find information on clinical studies that we are currently enrolling. You may be a candidate and we don’t want you to miss out on these exciting opportunities! You can also find information on our research study coordinators! They work extremely hard to complete documentation and facilitate and coordinate daily activities for a clinical trial.

Dr. Kishor Vora began his research department with a desire to improve healthcare for all. The desire to better the lives of his patients has driven him to strive to be a leader in the medical community and push himself past mediocrity. It was a humble beginning, with a desk, chair, and supply closet serving as the research program’s first office. With the assistance of a nurse, doubling as a coordinator, Dr. Vora began the journey of becoming a leader in the healthcare industry with this research program. Years later, we have a facility equipped to serve our patients, many dedicated research staff, and enough support staff to conduct any phase or type of clinical trial.

Other physicians in the community share the same dream and now work with Research Integrity conducting studies in their field of specialty. This growth created a need for more research dedicated people and a new partnership was established in April, 2009, creating what is now known as Research Integrity. Research Integrity has become a world known research group, conducting studies for many pharmaceutical and device companies. We continue to grow and improve; gaining experience, knowledge and compassion for the industry we serve and the patients we are dedicated to helping.

Research Integrity has a team of Principal investigators, coordinators and a full time research staff with over 20 years experience.

Research Integrity has the ability to conduct clinical trials for all indications and a variety of therapeutic areas. With our affiliation to Owensboro Medical Practice, we offer on-site clinical amenities such as readily accessible medical equipment and facilities. Research Integrity also has the capability to partner with other private practice physicians. We are blessed with a constant influx of patients to recruit for clinical trials and are continuing to grow to better serve our community.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials test potential treatments in human volunteers to see whether they should be approved for wider use in the general population.  The FDA has authority over clinical trials for drug, biologic, and medical device products regulated by the agency. Clinical trial procedures are reviewed by institutional review boards (IRBs), a group that has been formally designated to review and monitor biomedical research involving human subjects. They review and approve clinical trials taking place within their jurisdiction before the trials can begin. The purpose of an IRB review is to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of participants as subjects of research. Research Integrity was audited by FDA in 2018 and  passed with flying colors.

For in depth details on clinical trials, click the link below to visit the NIH website.