Research Integrity has the ability to conduct clinical trials for all indications and a variety of therapeutic areas. With our affiliation to Owensboro Medical Practice, we offer on-site clinical amenities such as readily accessible medical equipment and facilities. Research Integrity also has the capability to partner with other private practice physicians. We are blessed with a constant influx of patients to recruit for clinical trials and are continuing to grow to better serve our community.

With 1200+ clinical trials conducted across multiple specialties, Research Integrity is a State-Of-The-Art clinical research facility located in Owensboro, KY with the following capabilities:

Our expertise

  • Ability to conduct Phase I trials in low to moderate (up to 20 patients at a time) numbers of patients, at a cost savings for the sponsors
  • Phase 2, 3, and 4 experience ( 20+ years)
  • Experience in conducting long term studies with limited dropout rates (longest trial to date 11 years with a 3% dropout)
  • Ability to conduct device trials
  • Ability to conduct infusion studies
  • Principal investigators and coordinators with 20+ years experience certified in GCP (Good Clinical Practices)and human subject protection
  • On site laboratory
  • On site access to imaging department including CT, dexa scan, x-ray, nuclear medicine, echocardiogram, ultrasound, EKG, and other diagnostic equipment for fast results
  • Two immediate care facilities affiliated with us enable us to conduct acute studies such as flu, allergies, otitis media, otitis externa, and other acute diseases
  • An active patient base of 180,000+ patients are EHR searchable by protocol criteria and lists are provided by principal investigators for the enrollment of study subjects

We provide:

  • Accelerated budget and contract reviews
  • Expedited site start-up and source document development
  • Dedicated clinical associates, data entry, regulatory and recruitment specialists
  • Utilize central IRBs, no local IRB

Our facility has:

  • Research dedicated exam rooms
  • Patient consenting areas
  • Drug storage facility
  • Dedicated locked drug storage room with lockable drug cabinet for schedule 4 drugs and dedicated temperature control
  • Clean drug prep room with flow hood for sterile prep of investigational product
  • Automated temperature-monitored refrigeration and ambient storage areas. Automated text and email alerts for possible excursions. The building is on a generator in case of power loss to prevent loss of data or stored products.
  • All principle investigators and coordinators have GCP and IATA shipping certificates. Principle investigators have 20 plus years of experience in research.
  • Coordinators have 10 plus years of research experience.
  • Freezer -20 degrees celcius and -70 degrees celcius
  • Security surveillance and electronic entry pass
  • The facility is equipped with a back-up generator so that progress is not interrupted and we can ensure continuity of collected data
  • Atomic clock system in entire facility to facilitate accurate records of data
  • Centrifuge — refrigerated and with adjustable gravity force
  • Crash cart on site with defibrillator
  • Access to copier and fax machine
  • Wireless internet access
  • Study document storage
  • Remote data entry capabilities
  • Long-term record storage