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Owensboro Heart & Vascular device clinic offers comprehensive cardiac rhythm device management.

Cardiac Rhythm Device Management

Owensboro Heart & Vascular device clinic offers comprehensive cardiac rhythm device management. The cardiac device clinic was started by Dr. Kishor Vora for ongoing follow up care, regular evaluation and management of implanted cardiac devices. Cardiac devices are implanted in patients with heart rhythm disorders. The devices included are loop recorders, pacemaker (Single and dual chamber), biventricular pacemakers and ICD (Defibrilators).

Our goal at Owensboro Heart & Vascular device clinic is to help patient maintain the quality of life with best possible cardiovascular functional capacity. We achieve this by evaluation, interrogation, trouble shooting and reprogramming of cardiac devices. The first step in the process is patient education.

The cardiac device implantation is a very safe procedure carried out under local anesthesia. The patients are able to go home the same day or next day. With the improved technology, most cardiac devices are monitored remotely (via internet or over cellular network). The remote monitoring starts as soon as the device is implanted.  The patients are followed up in a month and then monitored regularly at cardiac device clinic for device interrogation. The interrogation of cardiac device includes battery checkup and device integrity check.

The device check may be scheduled every 3-6 months. The patients may also be seen for office visit every 3-6 months. Patients are seen on as needed basis if any abnormality is seen on home monitoring.

We have a provider that is dedicated to cardiac device clinic. Our nurse practitioner Leigh Ann Futrell, APRN has received extensive training on evaluation and management of cardiac device. The device clinic at Owensboro heart and vascular is tri state area’s most experienced cardiac rhythm device management clinic.

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