Our team of experienced professionals offer medically supervised weight loss plans. Diet plans are not one size fits all! When coming up with an effective weight loss plan, our professionals want to make sure it is individualized to fit your needs. At Rejuve, we strive to develop a Lifestyle plan for everyone that will not only give you amazing results but will also give you the tools to maintain your weight loss.

Before beginning any dietary plan, our patients undergo a physical examination to make sure we provide the safest and most effective options possible. Once results are analyzed by our medical team we work together to establish a set of goals that are satisfying and achievable. We offer tools such as meal planning  and medically supervised weight loss programs. Our staff is here to make your transition to a healthier you as smooth as possible!

We will give you:

  • The tools to start

  • The knowledge to fight your cravings

  • The support to keep going!

Results are not guaranteed but are influenced by the program you choose and your commitment to lose weight. Recent results for individuals at Rejuve have been 15 to 20 pounds lost in just 30 days.

Have you tried various weight loss plans and failed?

The medical provider at Rejuve Medical Spa, Stacy Head APRN, takes great pride in working with patients to help achieve their weight loss goals. Don’t give up.

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