Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

If you are scheduled for an MSLT to follow your all night sleep study this means you are being asked to come in for an all-night sleep study from 7:00pm till 8:00am and you will possibly need to stay all of the following day to have a Multiple Sleep Latency Test, which is a series of naps throughout the day. These naps will take place in approximately 2 hour intervals after you wake up in the morning. You will be asked to stay at the Sleep Center during this time.

Here are some additional instructions for your MSLT exam.

  • Do not drink anything with caffeine the day you will arrive for the test.
  • Do NOT take any naps on the day of your study. This will make your test invalid.
  • You will need to bring food to eat the next day. We have a refrigerator in our kitchen to keep your food cold and a microwave to heat food.
  • Smoking or nicotine of any form is prohibited 30 minutes prior to each nap. There is no smoking inside the facility.
  • In order for the testing to be accurate, patients must stay awake between naps. Please don’t hesitate to bring your own DVDs and books or something to keep you busy.
  • There are some medications that interfere with the study being meaningful. If you are on any of the medications – the physician will inform you and instruct you how to handle this situation.
  • If you are prescribed any new medications after your visit and your study is scheduled, please inform the Sleep Center promptly to avoid an invalid test or the cancellation of your study.