Subclavian Vein Occlusion/Stenosis Thrombosis (SVT)

Subclavian vein occlusion/stenosis thrombosis (SVT) occurs due to feeding lines or Hickman’s line for long-term administration of antibiotics and drugs or implantation of cardiac devices and hemodialysis graft. It can also occur due to compression of subclavian vein due to regional tumors, e.g. lung cancer, lymphadenopathy or mediastinal inflammatory pseudo-tumor.

The compression of subclavian vein can cause significant narrowing. Long term thrombosis can be caused by vessel wall damage.

Symptoms include sudden arm or neck swelling.

Treatment options include percutaneous balloon angioplasty, intravascular stent placement to relieve vein narrowing , and transcatheter thrombolysis to treat thrombosis. When compression is due to tumor, it calls for emergency radiation.