Compression Garment

If you have been recently diagnosed with Venous Insufficiency, your physician may have recommended that you should wear a compression garment. Patients may also be advised to wear compression garments after a DVT or for post-thrombotic syndrome. Compression stockings decrease the swelling and increase blood flow. Unfortunately, compression garments are often not worn because they are deemed unsightly or are uncomfortable. We want our patients to know that compression garments come in various skin-tone and fashion colors, different shapes, sizes, and materials. When our patients are aware of these options and are able to find the right stocking that fits well and is comfortable, it is our hope that this will increase compliance. Other complaints we hear from our patients is that stockings tend to roll down, if this becomes an issue we recommend a stocking that has a rubber strip at the top of the stocking or wear a garter belt, or compression pantyhose.

Thigh high stockings and panty hose style stockings are available to purchase at Owensboro Heart and Vascular, our medical assistants are trained and ready to help you find the right size compression stocking for you.

Another concern patients have is that panty hose or thigh high stockings are very difficult to put on. We are excited to share that there are stocking assist devices available commercially called ‘Stocking Donner’. They are a wonderful investment that makes putting stockings on much easier.

These are available to purchase at our sister clinic, Rejuve Medical Spa. You may call them at 270-663-7546 with any questions.

Compression should be worn during the day, while standing and working. Stockings do not need to be worn at night.