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Heart and Vascular Clinic

In 2001, Dr. Kishor Vora had the bold idea to build a medical practice that would offer not only state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a wide array of services, but would also provide access to both preventative and corrective treatments. To help patients achieve optimal health, Dr. Vora understands that an experienced, compassionate team, the latest technology and high-quality care can make all the difference when treating conditions of the heart and vascular system. Thus Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic was born, a premier facility providing comprehensive cardiovascular treatments and raising the standard of care for patients in Owensboro, Kentucky and throughout Daviess County.

Our Expertise

Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic is staffed by a highly-experienced team that includes some of the foremost experts in the nation. Led by Dr. Kishor Vora, Owensboro Heart & Vascular was the first medical practice in Kentucky to offer electron beam tomography and LightSpeed VCT, a milestone that allowed quick, noninvasive and painless detection of heart disease, cancer and other abnormalities with more accurate results. Dr. Vora is a pioneer in other areas of cardiology as well, being the first in the area to offer cutting-edge treatments such as drug-eluting stents, coronary and peripheral arterial laser procedure, rotational atherectomy, nonsurgical closure treatment for varicose veins and more. Dr. Vora is highly credentialed and holds board certifications in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, endovascular medicine and vascular medicine. He is also fellowship-trained in congestive heart failure and heart transplants, as well as invasive and interventional cardiology. By combining his considerable expertise with the latest technology, Dr. Vora has been able to improve patient outcomes, manage side effects with more ease and reduce the recurrence rate of symptoms such as blockages, distinguishing Owensboro Heart & Vascular as the leading cardiovascular clinic in Kentucky.

Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic is also home to Dr. Lior Shamai, a cardiologist board-certified in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular disease, internal medicine and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Shamai has also established himself as a trailblazer, being the first cardiologist in the area to independently insert bio-absorbable vascular scaffolding and Tryton side branch bifurcation in patients with coronary artery disease. As a fellow of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI), Dr. Shamai brings advanced knowledge and a level of expertise to Owensboro that greatly increases the quality of care patients receive and has helped distinguish the practice as an industry leader.

Both Drs. Vora and Shamai have shared their experience and knowledge with other cardiologists across the country, leading training sessions on new techniques, advanced interventions and the use of innovative medical devices. Along with a distinguished group of nurse practitioners and other medical professionals, the Owensboro team is committed to raising the bar by advancing care in the field to improve the health of patients in Kentucky and beyond.

Our Providers

In addition to the expertise of Drs. Vora and Shamai, Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic is supported by a compassionate and qualified group of advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), also known as nurse practitioners. Our nurse practitioners have been personally trained by Dr. Vora to ensure that all patients enjoy the same level of high-quality care and one-on-one attention throughout the treatment process. With the ability and expertise to address a wide array of cardiovascular needs, our skilled nurses regularly conduct follow-up visits to enhance the patient experience and improve the efficiency and availability of care at our clinics. The Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic team of nurses practitioners includes:

Amanda Ward

Amanda Ward


Amanda Ward was an ICU RN for 8 years (2010 – 2018) a...

Kishor Vora

Kishor Vora


Dr. Vora is the founder and Medical Director at Owensbo...

Rebecca Decker

Rebecca Decker


Rebecca provides cardiovascular care in conjunction wit...

Our nurse practitioners are crucial to our success, improving treatment outcomes with high-quality, patient-centered care. Drs. Vora and Shamai will continue to be available for consultation and critical care in addition to performing interventional procedures. Together, our dedicated nursing and medical team have made Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic a renowned expert in the field, driven to improving the lives of patients everywhere and finding better, more effective ways to manage the symptoms of heart and vascular disease.

Our Approach

Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic was developed to be a cutting-edge facility that puts patients first. As the practice has grown, Dr. Vora and his team have remained committed to this vision and continue to adopt a comprehensive, patient-centered approach that combines professional expertise, the latest medical technology and deeply personalized treatments. By bringing together multiple specialists in one place, we’re able to provide a level of care that meets the needs of each individual, from preventative measures to the management of long-term conditions. Whether patients need diagnostic testing, surgical solutions or anything in-between, we can develop a care program that works for them.

Our providers are committed to improving the quality of patient care and are board-certified in multiple specialties, including interventional cardiology. This branch of cardiology emphasizes minimally-invasive, catheter-based procedures that result in less scarring and an improved recovery by repairing blood vessels and other heart structures without extensive surgery. Catheter-based treatments such as stenting, atherectomy, and angioplasty are becoming the gold-standard in the care of many conditions, allowing effective treatment without long hospital stays that disrupt a patient’s life. Our office-based lab (OBL) at the OHV Cardiovascular Center is the region’s first free-standing cath lab, putting patients first by providing diagnostics and interventional care in a comfortable, personable environment. 

Our Facility

Our heart and vascular facility is located in Owensboro, Kentucky, and equipped with the latest technology to deliver more accurate diagnoses, highly effective treatments and better patient outcomes. By utilizing on-site diagnostic tools, medical devices and laboratory services, Dr. Vora and the Owensboro Heart & Vascular team help patients discover the root of their health concerns and improve their overall quality of life. Our facility includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing
  • Advanced imaging
  • Latest medical technology
  • On-site laboratory
  • Vascular screening
  • Primary and urgent care
  • Numerous treatments and services
  • Specialized care clinics

Our Heart & Vascular Clinic also includes other clinics that focus on the specialized needs of patients receiving certain treatments.

The Coumadin Clinic monitors patients undergoing therapy with anticoagulant drugs such as Coumadin (also known as warfarin) and helps them safely and effectively manage their dosage.

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The Lipid Clinic provides cholesterol management for patients with lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease, helping them reach their cholesterol goals through the use of medications and beneficial lifestyle changes.

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The Device Clinic offers comprehensive management for cardiac rhythm devices, implanted to manage congestive heart failure and treat abnormal heart rhythms. Patients learn to adjust to living with a cardiac device and we ensure that they remain beneficial with regular evaluation, maintenance, troubleshooting and reprogramming. Our Device Clinic is the most experienced in the tri-state area, with a dedicated provider that has undergone extensive training in cardiac device management.

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At Owensboro Heart & Vascular Clinic, our goal is to help individuals manage their conditions safely and effectively to maintain the best possible quality of life. Our experienced team of doctors and specialists will help each patient navigate problems of the heart, arteries and veins with a wide range of comprehensive treatments and diagnostic tools. Contact or call us today at 270-683-8672 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.


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