At Rejuve Medical Spa, we offer Botox treatments not just for cosmetological or aesthetic purposes but also for medical purposes. Did you know that that was possible?

Generally, when people think of Botox, they think of people wanting to look younger and trying to erase wrinkles. Which is not incorrect at all!! However, there is so much more to Botox! Botox can be used to treat Migraines, excessive sweating, Blepharospasms (excessive eye-twitching), Jaw tension, TMJ Disorder, chronic pain such as Trigeminal Neuralgia… the list goes on. Even as Botox has been getting a bad name for changing people’s faces in unrecognizable proportions, there has been extensive research done on various other health benefits of Botox. 

I sincerely suggest you ask your doctor if Botox might be one of the possible solutions to help treat your conditions. 

Here at Owensboro Medical and Rejuve, we can treat migraines, jaw tension, eye-twitching, as well as wrinkles, laugh lines and frown lines. Dr. Woodward at Owensboro Neurology and Stacy Head, APRN at Rejuve are both excellent with this. Call us at 270-663-7546 to schedule an appointment!