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Wound Healing Services in Owensboro, KY

Wound Care Services and Wound Healing Services in Owensboro, KY

Looking for a local wound care center? Learn more about how VORA Wound Healing Center and our wound healing experts can help.

What is Wound Care?

Wound care is the practice of helping patients recover from non-healing wounds quickly and effectively through the application of medical expertise, progressive tracking and technology.

What are Non-Healing Wounds?

Many times, non-healing wounds are the result of small injuries that are unable to heal due to a patient’s age or chronic condition. These types of wounds can be worrisome and painful and it is important to seek the services of a medical professional for serious conditions.

Why Should I Choose VORA Wound Care Center?

Our team is led by Kishor Vora, MD, and Brandy Abell, NP, who are highly trained and specialize in the field of wound care. We have partnered with a national consultant firm in the U.S. that is specifically designed for wound care and we can track your progress through graphs and pictures. This visual monitoring of progress allows us to treat you based on results for faster healing and with a cost savings to you! 

Benefits of seeking wound care services at Owensboro Medical Practice:

  • Excellent care and wound healing services in your local area
  • You typically will only pay one small co-pay each time you see us
  • You will receive advanced treatments and dressings that can help you heal faster and with less pain
  • Easy parking and friendly staff in a family practice setting
  • You can also choose to receive vascular consultation and treatment, as well as nutritional consulting to supplement your wound care plan

Wounds We Treat

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Leg ulcers caused by vein or artery problems
  • Ulcers caused by:
    • Auto-immune diseases
    • Reaction to medication
  • Pressure injuries
  • Open surgical wounds 
  • Burns
  • Acute wounds that are not expected to heal due to underlying conditions

If you are suffering from a non-healing wound, call VORA Wound Care Center today at (270) 683-2083 to schedule your first appointment and trust us to help you get on the road to a fast and successful recovery.

Kishor Vora

Kishor Vora


Dr. Vora is the founder and Medical Director at Owensbo...